Event Details, Rules and Regulations

Please note that it is each Registrants obligation to understand and comply with the rules as outlined.

Session Groups:
Beginner Session (“B” Group): This run group is designed for drivers requiring instruction, looking to be signed off by a Speed Therapy Instructor, or speeds are consistent with others in this group. Instructors are provided free of charge by Speed Therapy.
Advance Session (“A” Group): This group is designed for drivers with previous driving experience at the venue and have been signed off by the Speed Therapy Chief Instructor. Drive with other experienced drivers. Speeds should be consistent with the rest of the run group.
Open Session (“O” Group): This is a restricted run group designed for advanced drivers, many of whom hold valid Race Drivers. Passing is open, unless otherwise specified during the mandatory Drivers Meeting. Each driver must be signed off by the Chief Instructor for the Event.

Any failure of drivers to obey the rules-of-the-day will at minimum be sent back for instruction in “B” group or in much rarer circumstances be banned from participating in the Event (no refund will be offered in such situations). We take safety very seriously.

Sessions are 20min each, starting at 9:00am. Specific details or changes for the Day are provided during the Drivers Meeting held at 8am on each day of the event. It is mandatory for all drivers to attend the Drivers Meeting. Failure to do so may invalidate participation in the event without refund.

The Organisers may at their discretion combine Session Groups if vehicle numbers are limited in any particular group. In such cases, Session times typically are adjusted to 30 minutes each. Additionally, on occasion the organisers may chose, again at their discretion to run Open Sessions under the traffic control of the “Pit Out” Marshall.

Lunch will be provided, unless otherwise noted during Registration for an Event.

Prior to attending any Event, please familiarise yourself with the Passing Zones and Marshall Flags linked below. Any changes to these, will be specified during the day of the Event at the mandatory 8:15 a.m. Drivers Meeting.

View Speed Therapy Passing Zones – Canadian Tire Motorsport Park
View Speed Therapy Passing Zones – Circuit Mont Tremblant
View Speed Therapy Passing Zones – Toronto Motorsport Park
View Speed Therapy Race Flag Definitions
  • Limited entries will be accepted to allow maximum track time.
  • If you are interested in participating in any of these events, or all of the events, please use the Speed Shop on this site for Registration and Payment. Please be forewarned that incomplete forms will not be considered.
  • You can register right away for all of the driving events or just to one of them.
  • If you wish to cancel your participation, we must receive your cancellation 30 days before the event takes place. Cancellation must be approved by organizers before it takes effect. 30 days before the event there is no cancellation fee, within 30 days will incur a cancellation fee.
  • We don’t take reservations, only fully paid registrations are valid.
  • Track time sharing and place reselling are forbidden. No exception to this.
  • We welcome all drivers from beginners to professionals. There is a place for everyone.
  • We accept no registered race cars unless you possess a valid racing license and/or an Event Instructor signs off that you can drive it in a safe manner.
  • Convertible cars have to be equipped by at least a safety roll-bar. See specifics below.
  • You need to wear a helmet at all times on the track. Don’t forget to bring your own helmet. Minimum standard for helmet: M and SA Snell2005.
  • Spectators will have to sign a liability release form. No other spectators in the pits than your Invited guests. You will be responsible for their behaviour and actions.
  • Minors will not be accepted on the track or in the pits at any time
  • You will have to certify that your car is in good condition for the track and you will be required to sign a separate liability waiver form as you access the facility gate.
  • We strongly encourage you visit your local dealer to inspect your car and to prepare for the track day. We also suggest changing your brake fluid prior to these events.
  • The event will take place even under rain. Please have the appropriate rain tires available for your car. Slick tires will not be accepted on a wet track.
  • Drivers must register and sign a liability release form at the registration area prior to entering the track facility.
  • Drivers must attend the scheduled mandatory driver’s briefing about the rules on the track.
  • Seat belts must be worn at all times
  • Pit lane speed is limited to 15 km/h (strictly enforced)
  • Organizers reserve the right to prevent anyone from accessing the track facility and lapping on the track.
  • Organizers reserve the right to exclude any driver for any reason before and during the event.
  • You are free to contract any sponsorship on your car or Automobile Association for this event. There is no return of any kind to provide to the Organizers.

To register, you must be 18 years or older and hold a valid driving license with at least 2 years of driving experience. We accept instructors or drivers with a racing license, all Session “B” cars must have two seats of the same type, a dashboard, and equivalent seatbelts/harnesses for both driver and passenger.

Race cars are only accepted in the advanced and Instructor groups. All participants must certify that proper technical inspection was done on their cars.

Convertible cars will only be allowed with proper anti-roll bar protection. Some factory Installed roll-bar systems are accepted (SRT-10, Honda S2000, Porsche Boxter), Convertible cars such as Miata, Porsche 911, BMW M3 will not be accepted unless equipped with an after-market Race certified roll-cage. Should you need more information regarding convertible cars please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We reserves the right to refuse access to any car deemed unfit for track use.

M and SA Snell2005 (and up) helmets are required.

Drivers of cars with stripped interiors or full roll-cages must use an SA Helmet.

This event is not a racing event, under no circumstances will timed laps be permitted. Data Logging is allowed for off track purposes only.

If you have doubts about the acceptability of your car, call the Organizers. DO NOT bring your car to the track and try to plead your case. If you do and your car is determined to be unacceptable, then you will not be allowed to run and your registration fee will not be refunded.

Technical Inspections

Please inspect or have your vehicle Inspected so it meets or exceeds the following minimum requirements. Your certified automotive dealer or your preferred Tuner shop can provide all the help required to prepare your car for the Driving School. We are not able to do this technical inspection/preparation for you. You will have to certify that this inspection was done properly.

  • Muffler system: A Verify pipes and attaches. We have already found muffler parts on the track.
  • Brake Rotors: No cracks or chips. Cross-drilled rotors crack easily.
  • Brake Pads: A Proper thickness (More than 50%). Worn pads do not dissipate heat well.
  • Brake Fluid: System bled and clean fluid. We have seen cars losing control because of boiling brake fluid.
  • Wheels properly torqued (96lb/ft is typical, consult your mechanic or shop manual for your specific requirements).
  • On turbo and supercharged cars verify boost pipes on a regular basis after each session. We have seen several breakdowns because the pipe attach had opened at 10-15psi. These boost pipes are under constant stress because of the pressure variation.
  • Shock absorbers: Good condition. Verify bolts, they tend to break off under hard cornering.
  • Stabilizer bars: Proper mounting and attachment.
  • Head, tail and brake lights: For night lapping all lights must work. Even with only one burned light you will have to leave the track. Have some spare bulbs ready.
  • Wheel bearing: No play and noise.
  • Tires: No cracks and no more than 40% worn, H speed rating is minimum for this event.
  • Seat Belts: Fully functional and not modified, using factory mounting points.
  • Seat mounting: Properly mounted and secured.
  • Interior: No loose items in car or trunk. Pay attention to spare wheel, extinguisher, carpet so on.
  • Body panels: Properly attached.
  • Underbody panels: Properly attached.
  • Rear spoiler or wing: Properly attached.
  • External lighting: Operational.
  • Battery: Properly attached.
  • Radiator: No leaks and cracks in hoses.
  • Fluids: In good condition and at proper levels.

Photo & Video Release Agreement
By participating in Speed Therapy Events, you understand that your video or photograph may be taken during an event and used for promotions, event updates and announcements. Speed Therapy will endeavour to use videos and photographs in accordance with standards of good judgment, but Speed Therapy cannot guarantee that any further dissemination of your video or photograph will be subject to the organization’s supervision or control.